(2 days ago)  Anonymous said:
Hi.I want a kidney for sell evrybody wana kidney please add me an speck abut it my blood group is 
24 year old
(7 hours ago) Anonymous said:

Hi.I want a kidney for sell evrybody wana kidney please add me an speck abut it my blood group is AB+


(1 days ago) omanadze said:

I am 31 ​​years old. 1-positive blood. I am healthy. 
Contact me for those who actually need donor !


(1 days ago) oma said:

@Melissa Graham, 
Liar! Crooks!


(3 days ago) adebowale said:

hello,thank you for your conversation 
please i urgently need your assistance i want to sell one of my kidney urgently due to my poor financially am 30years age my blood group is o+positive kindly reply me to this email address if you help me to see a buyer 
i will be gratefully to see your reply,thank you.


(July 21, 2014) Melissa Graham said:


Welcome to Pyramid Medical Center 

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Good luck 

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(July 16, 2014) Anonymous said:

i want to sell my kidneys, pls contact +92 336 5377773


(July 15, 2014) anonymous said:

Yes we sell our kidneys.. If anyone is interested in buying contact age 22


(July 8, 2014) simeon (mod) said:

I'd like to sell one kidney